Saturday, February 24, 2018

Arden Industries


rden Industries provides chlorination and dechlorination equipment and chemicals for municipal and industrial water treatment. Our people are ready to assist you with any of your water and wastewater treatment applications, including engineering and design. Contact us now.

Our Focus

Easy to maintain modular systems
Equipment with fewer parts
State-of-the-art materials
Engineering assistance for design and layout of turnkey systems


Arden Industries - Terminator chlorination devices for municipal and industrial water treatment

I've been using Arden's Terminator trichlor feeder for 2 years on a 1600 gpm well supplying a 600,000 gal. storage tank. If you want a chlorination system you don't have to check everyday, I highly recommend Arden's Terminator II. It's an excellent unit!


Innovation & Service

rden Industries excellent reputation since 1978 comes from its innovative design and great customer service.

Arden Industries - Bazooka dechlorination devices for municipal and industrial water treatment

Lets talk about Arden Industries. These folks are one of the best companies I've ever worked with. When we had a design problem, Arden reevaluated our system and replaced it with a higher capacity one at no cost to us. I’m sure you will enjoy working with Bill and his company.

— John Anderson - ASPEN Sanitation District