Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Fire Hydrant Flushing with Arden Industries' Bazooka

Bazooka, tablet feed

2 ½” size Bazooka, feeding sodium sulfite or ascorbic acid tablets (Vitamin C) for dechlorination.

Bazooka for fire hydrant flushing, liquid feed

2 ½” size Bazooka set up for liquid chemical feed.

Truck mounted diffuser

Typical hydrant flushing application using the truck mounted diffuser.

The Clean Water Act requires dechlorination of all water containing more than 1 ppm of chlorine being discharged to the environment.

The Bazooka is designed for easy dechlorination during hydrant flushing. It comes in two configurations: tablet and liquid chemical feed.

The Bazooka attaches directly to a 2 ½”, 4” or 4 ½” fire hydrant fitting.

By opening the hydrant valve, a small amount of water is bypassed from the pressure side of the Bazooka venturi to the rate valve flowmeter assembly and supplied to the bottom of the tablet chamber dissolving the tablets in a precise manner. The dechlorination solution is then pulled into the system, making a homogeneous mixture proportioned and controlled to ensure that all water is in contact with the correct amount of chemical. Adjusting the flowmeter setting provides precision chemical control to avoid chemical waste or over dechlorination.

From the open hydrant valve, water passes through the unit creating a vacuum which pulls the dechlorinization chemical from its supply container into the system via the rotometer rate valve assembly. The rotometer rate assembly provides precise control of the dechlorination solution strength to avoid chemical waste or over dechlorination.


Approx. overall length: 18”
Approx. weight: 16 lbs.

More about the Bazooka here . . .


  • Bazooka
  • Pressure gauge (0-60 psi)
  • Flowmeter (0-12 gph) and rate valve
  • 2 ½” female swivel fire hose coupling
  • 2 ½” male fire hose nipple
  • Tablet or liquid feed system


  • Unit can be ordered without fire hydrant fittings
  • Diffuser
  • Truck mounted diffuser
  • Carrying case (specify size)
  • Chemical containers