Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Water Mains

Arden Industries

Water Main Dechlorination or Chlorination - Recommended Equipment and Chemicals

Surface water treatment using Arden Industries Bazooka

Arden Industries' Bazooka, used here for water main dechlorination (liquid feed) in El Dorado County, California. An example of city chlorinated water being dechlorinated and flowing directly into a lake.

Whatever the specific needs of water mains water treatment, Arden Industries provides equipment configured to the optimal specifications for that installation.

Arden Industries equipment:


Arden Industries recommends the following equipment for the treatment of water from municipal water mains:

Tablet or Liquid, Chlorination or Dechlorination

The Bazooka - from Arden Industries - municipal water main dechlorinationArden Industries Bazooka is versatile and effective for fast dechlorination or chlorination of water flowing in or from municipal water mains.

The Bazooka is available in tablet feed or liquid feed configurations. (See photo at left.) Tablet feed dechlorination is not recommended for high levels of chlorine.

Learn more about the Bazooka.