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Arden Industries provides chlorination and dechlorination equipment and chemicals for municipal and industrial water treatment. Our people are ready to assist you with any of your water and wastewater treatment applications, including engineering and design. Contact us now.

Easy to maintain modular systems
Equipment with fewer parts
State-of-the-art materials
Engineering assistance for design and layout of turnkey systems

Arden's Terminator chlorination unit, like all our equipment, is designed with as few parts as possible, making it easy to install and maintain.


It comes in three possible configurations: direct feed (for constant flow rate applications), batch feed (fluctuating flow rate) and gravity feed.


Arden Industries excellent reputation since 1978 comes from its innovative design and great customer service.

The Bazooka is an example of Arden's innovative approach. It's the industry's most versatile and easy to use on-site dechlorination device.

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