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Tablet size: 2 5/8” diameter, 1” thick
Approx. weight: 5 oz. (140 grams)
Active ingredient: Sodium Sulfite (NaSO3) 92%
  Inert Ingredients 8%
Appearance & color:
Blue-green tablet with herbal odor
D.O.T. Designation: Non-Hazardous

Bio-Max® dechlorination tablets are an inexpensive, concentrated source of sodium sulfite for water, wastewater and process water dechlorination.

Bio-Max tablets deliver exceptional performance in Arden Industries Bazooka dechlorination device, or in the Terminator tablet feeder.


Containing 92% active ingredient, Bio-Max tablets are the strongest product available for dechlorination.  This insures the complete elimination of chlorine from any type of flow regardless of typical interferences, such as elevated ammonia levels or excess suspended solids.


Formulated to provide a consistent release of sodium sulfite in response to water velocity, a single 140 gram Bio-Max tablet will remove 1 ppm chlorine from over 19,000 gallons of water or waste water. Bio-Max tablets can be repeatedly immersed in water and dried out with no loss of integrity or performance.


One 48 pound pail contains 154 tablets. Tablets are shrink wrapped in plastic sleeves to insure product integrity and chemical strength even after prolonged storage.



  • 92% Concentrated sodium sulfite

  • Completely eliminates both free and combined chlorine

  • Cost effective treatment for high flow systems

  • No effect on dissolved oxygen or pH

  • Very low maintenance required

  • No mixing of chemicals or solution

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