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Tablet size: 1" diameter
Approx. weight:

  1" - 12-16 grams
  3" - 100-202 grams
Active ingredient: 90% chlorine
Appearance & color:
White tablets with smooth surface
and well defined edges

Used with Arden Industries Terminator tablet feeders, Trichlor (trichloroisocyanuric acid) offers water treatment professionals an industry-leading solution to chlorination needs.


Arden Industries Recommends TriChlor for Superior, Safe and Convienient Tablet Chlorination


Trichlor has the highest chlorine content next to chlorine gas. It is 90% available chlorine, and when tabletized, the binders contain no sludge. So all that is produced is a clean, clear chlorine solution.


Trichlor is easy and safe to store as it comes in 55 pound buckets and does not deteriorate over time. Arden Industries' Terminator II tablet feeders have been designed to work specifically with these 1” tablets to dissolve slowly in water and provide both continuous or intermittent dosing of on-site chlorine generation.


Trichlor provides a very consistent feed rate over time, even in cases where the feeder operates intermittently. This minimizes the need to continually manually adjust feed rates, and also works great with automatic control systems such as flow proportioning, chlorine residual analyzers and compound loop systems.


Trichlor is classified as an NFPA Class 1 Oxidizer. The lowest NFPA rating reflects the fact that Trichlor does not burn or decompose unless a direct flame or other intense heat source is applied. Once the flame or heat source is removed, Trichlor stops decomposing.


Trichlor is safe, effective and easy to use.

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