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The Clean Water Act serves as the EPA's foundation for protecting the environment and public health. This Act prohibits all chlorinated swimming pool discharges and filter back-flushing without dechlorinating the water prior to discharge.


Inline Eliminator is good for flows up to 600 GPM. Flows over 600 GPM require the Bypass Eliminator.

The Eliminator: Swimming Pool Dechlorinator
The "Eliminator" is designed for installation directly in the backwash line. When the filter backwash valve is in the backwash position water passes through the "Eliminator" creating a vacuum which pulls the dechlor chemical into the mixing chamber making a homogeneous mixture. A Dip Tube is provided to insert into the chemical container. A flowmeter and control valve insure the correct amount of chemical is injected.

Standard Equipment

  • Eliminator

  • Flowmeter with Control Valve

  • 6 ft. length of 1/4" Flexible Suction Tubing

  • Dip Tube Assembly - 10" long x 1/4" pipe

Calcium Thiosulfate Solution dechlor agent sold separately.


For flows over 600 GPM a 3/4" Bypass Eliminator is required.

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